Get more work done, faster and cheaper.

Less meetings
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High level overview of all of your organization's projects

AI powered HR services

Seamless integration with the tools you already use

Advanced project reutilization

Hours saved per year
Full days earned
CHF saved per user

What we do

Project management

We offer management level employees a high level overview of all their projects and act as a single point of reference for anyone involved in the project.

HR services

We facilitate inner movement, matching employees looking for new opportunities with the team that fits them best based on their skills using AI.


Our services are seamlessly integrated with a plethora of other tools to make the integration of our product as frictionless as possible.

Project reutilization

Using our tool, teams can discover similar and complementary projects to theirs within their organization and reuse their components.

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Our team

George Fotiadis

Co-Founder & CEO

Angelika Romanou

Co-Founder & CTO

Hind El Bouchrifi

Software Engineer

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